Maintenance for your new Plutus Quartz Stone surfaces

Plutus Quartz Stone Surfaces are easy to care for and maintain. Our Quartz surfaces combine modern and classic luxury with durability and strength. Quartz is very tough and has great shock resistance, more than other work surface commonly used in the kitchen. This allows for using hard kitchen appliances safely in the kitchen. Our Quartz surfaces are also very resistant to staining – wine, coffee, vinegar etc will not compromise the beauty of our product.

General Maintenance

Plutus Quartz Stone’s hard non-porous surfaces require very little maintenance – in fact for general spills we recommend using Dettol Anti-Bacterial Surface Cleaner or Cillit Bang Power Cleaner to simply wipe over the Quartz surface for best results. Using warm water and a mild detergent in this way is all that needs to be done. Built in antibacterial protection helps prevent general mould and bacteria so protects the entire surface – leaving you to enjoy your kitchen worry free.

Durable Surfaces

Quartz is one of the strongest and most durable work surfaces compared to other surfaces, but keep in mind nothing is chip proof. Dropping objects at edges may cause chips, so please be careful and keep this in mind when using your kitchen. We also do not advise that you chop or prepare food directly on the work surface – we advise you to take due care of your new Plutus Quartz Stone surfaces and use a chopping board to protect all surfaces.

Heat Resistance

Quartz is very heat resistance compared to other commonly used surfaces, such as granite, marble and limestone. Temperatures can safely reach 150°C, but keep in mind that like all stone materials Quartz can be damaged by sudden changes in temperature. Just to be safe, we recommend to not place hot pots and pans directly on the surface and instead use a heat pad as prevention of rapid temperature changes.

Stubborn Marks and Stains

Make sure you use a recommended product such as Cif Original Cream and apply to the stain, cleaning with a non-metallic Scotch Brite Pad. If there are particularly greasy stains present you can use Q-Action. Lime scale can be removed using household lime scale removers or white vinegar.

Please Avoid

Do not expose your new Quartz Surfaces to products including oven cleaners, bleach, Comet, SOS, Soft Scrub, products with Pumice, paint removers, batteries, furniture strippers, tarnish or silver cleaners. Do not use wax, sprays or sealants as this can dull the work surface over time. Never clean your work surfaces with any products that contain Tricholorethane or Methylene Chloride. Also do not expose your surfaces to abrasive or strong alkaline/acid or free radicals or oxidisers. These types of chemicals are corrosive and could attack any kind of surface – if any such product comes into contact with your work surfaces, please rinse thoroughly with clean warm water to neutralise the effect. Never stand or kneel on your work surface.

Following these guidelines will ensure that your new Quartz surfaces will endure for years to come, bringing endless beauty to your kitchen or bathroom. For any questions, please feel free to contact us.